In 1953, Coronation year, the addition of two small rear seats made the DB2 into a 2+2; and thus it became the DB2/4. This car was also notable as it has a novel hatchback – years ahead of its time. A Mark 2 version followed and an attractive but rare fixedhead coupe was made available as well as the drophead coupe.

As the car started to look a little dated, the design was considerably freshened with the arrival of the DB Mark III, (the 2/4 bit was dropped) in 1957. The newly shaped grille was obviously influenced by the DB3S sports/race car. As well as the fixedhead 2+2, the Mark III continued to be available as a drophead coupe and eventually a rare fixedhead coupe too.

A significant number of Astons from the 1950’s received coachwork form specialist coachbuilders. These elusive cars are often unique very difficult to track down yet there are photographs of most on the site.

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