DBS Volante

DBS Volante Description

In production April 2009 – to date

Chassis numbers E01028 then E11156, sequence shared with coupe.

The DBS Volante was unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show and completed the DBS range. It offered drivers the combination of the DBS’s sports car characteristics with all the thrills of open-air motoring.

The DBS Volante was based on the DB9 Volante and also featured a motorised retractable fabric roof, where the profile is preserved whether up or down. With the roof closed, there is a warm comfortable ambience and when open, the hood neatly disappears underneath the redesigned tonneau cover at the touch of a button in a time of only 14 seconds. The DBS Volante roof was AM’s quietest and most refined system to that time and could be folded at speeds of up to 30 mph. When raised, the fabric hood was insulated with a layer of Thinsulate® material relieving cabin noise and protecting the inhabitants from the elements. The five-piston hydraulic pump has been cocooned in a sound and vibration proof enclosure to reduce noise when raising and lowering the hood. The tonneau cover rear humps house the Roll-Over-Protection-System (ROPS) which deployed two roll bars in the event of the car rolling over.

Power was provided by Aston Martin’s hand-built all alloy 5.9-litre V12 engine as already seen in the DBS coupe. The manual gear box was fitted as standard, with the six speed automatic Touchtronic 2 optional. Also in line with the coupe, carbon ceramic brakes were a standard fit as was the 13 speaker Bang & Olufsen’s ‘BeoSound DBS’ in-car entertainment system tuned for either roof up or down motoring. Unlike the coupe, the Volante had 2+2 seating as standard without the option of 2+0 accommodation or Alcantara upholstery.

In comparison to its coupe sibling, the Volante retained 75% of the rigidity equating to 20kNm per degree. This was achieved by rigidly mounting the rear sub frame and optimising the front and rear shear panels. Working together these components contributed more than 20% of the total torsional rigidity. As with the coupe, the Volante employed a sophisticated Adaptive Damping System (ADS) which was specifically tuned for the DBS Volante to maximise ride comfort.

To coincide with the Le Mans 2009 race, the DBS Volante press launch and the 50th anniversary of the famous Le Mans victory of the DBR1, all the factory demonstrators were at the AMOC lunch reception at the famous Hotel de France in the town of La Chartre-sur-le-Loir.

DBS Volante Derivatives

DBS Volante Carbon Black

In production February 2010 – onwards

In line with the DBS coupe, the Volante could also be specified with the special edition Carbon Black package. This was essentially the same as the coupe without the option of lightweight seats and with the Alcantara deleted from the steering wheel.

DBS Volante UB-2010

In production October 2010. Chassis Numbers E11998 then from E02501 onwards

Alongside the 20 coupes, 20 UB-2010 Volantes were built. For some unexplained reason, the production UB-2010 Volante appear to have been given coupe chassis numbers (E0**** instead of E1****). The Volante version of the UB-2010 was priced with a 10% premium over the standard Touchtronic 2 equipped car.

DBS Volante Specification

For full specifications see the DBS Coupe. Differences and additions are noted below.

Body / Coachwork
Two-door convertible body style with 2+2 seating
Mohair roof, retracts in 14 seconds underneath a hard tonneau cover at speeds of up to 30mph. A layer of Thinsulate® is incorporated and there is a Rokona headlining instead of an Alcantara one
Automatically deployed roll-over bars
Full grain leather interior with ‘Matrix’ alloy facia Iridium Silver centre console outer finish and graphite inner finish. Alcantara is not available
Length 4721mm
Width 1905mm excluding wing mirrors
Height 1280mm
Wheelbase 2740mm
Front Track 1568mm
Rear Track 1562mm
Kerb Weight 1810kg manual, 1850kg auto
Power to weight ratio 282bhp/tonne
Price at launch
2009 (2010MY) £179,500 (manual), £182,500 (Touchtronic 2)
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