During the time of the renaissance of Aston Martin in the period from the DB7 to the One-77, only four Lagondas are thought to have been built, with the exception of the special Virage based Lagondas which will be covered in the V8 volume.

Auto Express magazine, in its issue of 15th September 2010, showed an artist’s impression of a blue Lagonda 4 door saloon with clear styling links to the 2009 4WD concept and it was convincing. The stance appeared quite similar to the 1993 Vignale and, if Auto Express is to be believed, it will be based on the Rapide and unveiled in 2014.

Early in November 2010 Dr Bez revealed at a conference in Rotterdam that AML was pressing ahead with plans to bring the SUV Lagonda to market and appeared to dismiss the idea of a Rapide based Lagonda saloon. He also hinted that the company had accepted the criticism of the Geneva model and was following a different direction with the new car’s styling.

Lagonda Vignale Lagonda Concept
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