LE Coupe

LE Coupe Description

Unveiled: October 1994

In production: December 1994 – January 1995

Chassis numbers: 50411 - 50419

With sales of the Virage coupe slowing considerably and with unused chassis awaiting completion, a decision was taken to build a classic run-out special edition. Initially to be known as the Virage LE as evidenced by the specially produced handbook, by the time of public unveiling at the 1994 British Motor Show, the name had changed to the Limited Edition Coupe. The unique specification of the LE Coupe was as follows;

  • Deep Jewel Metallic green coachwork
  • Saddle Tan leather
  • Parchment Alcantara headlining
  • Beige Wilton carpet edged saddle tan leather
  • Numbered plaque on the dash with the chassis number and name of the first owner
  • Burr Elm facias
  • 17 inch 5-spoke wheels
  • Individual printed handbook for each car

Externally, all LE Coupes can be identified by a bright grille with the bars arranged in a ‘V’ formation. Each car also received a personalised leather bound volume of the then recently published book, “Aston Martin, the Compleat Car”, published by Palawan Press. Many, but not all of the cars were first registered with the UK number plates in the M1 AML to M9 AML range corresponding to their chassis number. All LE coupes were built with the later 4-speed Chrysler TorqueFlite automatic transmission, air-bagged steering wheel, Volante spec instruments and centre console, 17 inch wheels and an uprated engine. With the LE/89 prefix, the V8 fitted to the LE was something of a unique hybrid with the block from the regular Virage, Weber Marelli engine management system and the newly designed Vantage heads giving peak power of 349bhp. The price at launch was £137,000, a premium of £3500 against the list price of the regular Virage coupe. All examples were right hand drive; seven were sold in the UK with the final two being sold to customers in Japan. One car was built to 6.3 cosmetic specification and uniquely finished in Porsche Midnight Blue instead of the standard Jewel Green.

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