AMR2 Description

In production: 1990

Chassis number: AMR2/06

Development work continued throughout the winter of 1989/90 based around the 6.3 litre ‘Version Two’ engine and wind tunnel and track testing went ahead. Work started on AMR2/06 with a new, more slippery body, which would perhaps have achieved the calculated maximum speed of 235 mph.

The plan was to enter three cars at Le Mans in 1990, a pair of AMR1s and an AMR2 and go for atop six position. But the ACO and FISA were at loggerheads all that winter and there were even serious doubts that the 24 Hours would be allowed to go ahead at all.

With a commitment required by January 31st for the Championship (which it was essential to enter if one was to be allowed in at Le Mans) and a reversal of Ford’s decision for a new Cosworth 3.5 litre Formula 1 engine for the 1991 season, the team very reluctantly withdrew from all further racing at that date.

The whole operation was closed down in March and the premises taken over by Yamaha for their OX99-11 supercar project. Eventually all cars were disposed of including the gifting of AMR1 to the AMHT and the sale of the unfinished AMR2/06, which eventually was completed by an enthusiast club member in the US.

Prior to the closure of Protech, there were even tentative plans for the 1991 season and the AMR3. This would have had a chassis designed by Tony Southgate matched to the Cosworth 3.5 litre engine.

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