Cheetah Description

The Cheetah-Aston Martin G604 was another example of a Group C car built by an independent racing car constructor using an Aston Martin Tickford engine. The car was built by Cheetah Automobiles of Lausanne, Switzerland, and designed by Chuck Graemiger, a Swiss-American engineer. Its design was revolutionary on its introduction in September 1984, as perhaps being the first car in sports car racing to be built around a now commonplace carbon-fibre composite monocoque. It was the second of three Group C cars, all built by Cheetah and outwardly similar to the previous Cheetah-Cosworth G603.

The team was financed by a Swiss oil distribution company, Gatoil, and after seeing the performance of the EMKA, company owner, Monsieur Ghattes chose the Aston Martin Tickford V8 to power the new car.

With its carbon-fibre monocoque, made by Advanced Composites in the UK, the Cheetah-Aston Martin promised a low weight of only 870 kg which when combined with a 580 bhp Tickford engine should have given spectacular performance. Sadly in its first race at Spa in the 1000 Km in 1984, the car retired.

The following June, the Cheetah-Aston Martin was entered at Le Mans where it crashed after almost 5 hours due to a wheel falling off following failure of the driveshaft. Following Le Mans, it was also entered into a further seven endurance races during the remainder of the year but failed to finish in all but one. The best ever result for the Cheetah was 10th in the 1985 Spa 1000 Km.

Following a legal dispute, the car was purchased privately by an enthusiast who was able to compete in a few German and Swiss Supercup races from 1988 to 1990.

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