Siva Description

Unveiled: November 1971

The Siva S530 is not an Aston Martin but was in effect a kit car designed by a British stylist, Neville Trickett, and built by Siva Engineering of Dorset around a fuel injected Aston Martin V8 engine. The mid-engine two-seater wedge design which featured electric gull wing doors, pop-up headlights and a rectangular steering wheel was extremely futuristic for the time but was not overall that pleasing. It was reputed to have been built in just four months and commissioned by The Daily Telegraph for their stand at the London Motor Show in November 1971. Following the Show, AML borrowed the car for evaluation purposes but due to financial problems, the prospects of limited production faded. At about this time, AML retrieved their engine and the S530 was fitted with a Chevrolet V8. (see AM, Vol. 12, No. 43, 1971, p. 289 and McComb, 1981, p. 49).

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